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Keith Middlebrook

Keith Middlebrook Bio:

Keith Lawrence Middlebrook was born on August 4, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Floyd Kenneth Middlebrook & Martha Maria Middlebrook and is the youngest of three children.

He lives and operates his companies primarily out of Newport Beach, California about 30 minutes just outside of LA . However he owns several properties in the U.S. including a Gulfstream II private plane N355KM.

Because of his incredible creativity, innovation and genius Keith Middlebrook is known as a Super Entrepreneur Icon and The Real Iron Man, a Businessman who owns and operates over 20 companies and rising.

His appearance in Films and TV have been mainly for Branding, Social Media and Fun. He has appeared in 33 major movies and TV Shows. However he has been told he is an awesome actor and writer a million times.

His first taste of Hollywood was a semi-scripted stint on Judge Judy when he then discovered he wanted to be an actor. Then years later a friend told him he could get him on The Sopranos as an extra so he flew to New York and then the passion to be an actor grew. He then landed his first role in Iron Man 2.

The Hit HBO TV Show “ballers” was written by “Entourage” Stephen Levinson based on Keith Middlebrook’s Career and Real Life, also the Title was taken directly from Keith’s domain “Keith Middlebrook Ballers.com” online 10 years ago. Stephen originally met Keith on the set of “Entourage” of which Keith appears in 14 Episodes and earned his SAG/AFTRA card. Actor/Wrestler/Bodybuilder Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who was also born in Hawaii portrays Keith’s character in the show “ballers”. Synopsis: A 250 pound bodybuilder born in Hawaii Restores the Financials of Pro Athletes. Money, Beautiful Girls & Women, Exotic cars, Great Locations, Miami, LA, Las Vegas, Fun & Challenges ensue.

From 2009 – 2019 Keith Middlebrook was the Lead on “The Money Team” (TMT) for Restoring the Financials (Credit, Scores, Financing, Taxes) to Perfect Twice for the Legendary Boxing Icon Floyd Mayweather. Keith is also the designer of Mayweather vs Pacquiao the Largest Grossing Boxing match in History of all time. 

Keith is also a very Powerful, Informative and Motivating Educational Speaker as noticed by many that know him and those that have witnessed his Seminar live “Xccelerated Success”.

Much more to come, stay tuned………


1) Keith Middlebrook Brand 

2) Elite Platinum Portfolios 
3) 800 Club (Power of 800 Scores) 
4) Xccelerated Success – Program, Seminar, Private Coaching & Mentoring
5) Keith Middlebrook Pro Sports
6) Middlebrook Productions 
7) Middlebrook Promotions 
8) Middlebrook Mortgage 
9) Keith Middlebrook Foundation – Charitable giving 
10) Keith Middlebrook Actor 
11) Iron Man Industries Inc.
12) Reverse Aging Technologies Inc. 
13) AI (Artificial Intelligence) Robotics 
14) AI (Artificial Intelligence) Bionics 
15) Real Iron Man Apparel – Training / Workout Gear
16) Xccelerated Success Apparel 
17) Full Throttle Fitness
18) Full Throttle Training 
19) Pro Sports Capital Management 
20) Independent Film Capital (IFC) 
21) Koi Realty 
22) KM Legal Power (Legal Consultant) 

and More…..

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Keith Middlebrook Net Worth 2020 $300 Million Dollars and Rising.

Much more to come stay tuned…………….


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